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Client Results


Some of our results include:


  • Facilitated the integration of a new management team that accelerated team and individual performance through increased collaboration and efficiency.


  • Increased individual client performance and self-awareness resulting in a majority of coaching clients being promoted to higher-level positions.


  • Led the re-engineering process which reduced product development cycle time from 3–5 years to less than 18 months.


  • Implemented an employee pulse survey that increased executive awareness and improved the level of employee engagement and productivity.


  • Provided executive coaching and skill development to business owners, resulting in an organization with reduced turnover, higher productivity, and increased customer and employee satisfaction.



Client Testimonials


Testimonials from past and current clients:


  • "I appreciate your encouragement of me as a leader, and of our combined team. Sometimes it's just really nice to have someone in your corner."


  • "You have helped me a lot during this year of transition. I really appreciate your patience and advice. It is nice to see someone so confident and happy. You are a good role model for me."


  • "Thanks for helping us make so much progress over the last year. I will continue to look to you to influence the development of my staff, in concert with my activities."


  • "I do not think I can ever thank you enough, for working with me and helping me find a company and job that fits my strengths and values. I wouldn't have done it without you."


  • "I feel invigorated by our discussion and eager to move forward because of you."


  • "We would never have gotten through our recent transition without your support. I think you helped draw out the best in both of us, and keep us focused on working to a solution that would honor what we had built together. You asked us hard questions, and pushed us to have hard discussions. Your counsel and support through this time was invaluable."


  • "I love your belief that if you focus on good things, then good things will happen. It's a belief I have always shared, though probably not to the same degree. You gave me some helpful reminders at important times this year."


  • "You are such an amazing 'advocate' and I really appreciate how much acknowledgement you give me. It's definitely a model for me and I always walk away from speaking with you feeling like I can do anything! That's such a gift."


  • "I have really appreciated your coaching and support around having difficult conversations with employees. I've gotten MUCH better at getting team members to take ownership of solutions thanks to your counsel. No doubt we are a stronger team today because of your help here."



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